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Hello from Louisiana/Canada


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Hi All,

My name is Ian and I am Canadian but currently living in Louisiana. I’m looking forward to participating in the conversations here. Right now I have two aquariums. The first is a high tech shallow planted tank with Celestial Pearl Danios, Dream Blue neocaridina shrimp, and clithon corona snails. (The lily pipes desperately need cleaning but that will have to wait until tomorrow.) The second is a 3 foot low tech bookshelf tank that currently has a bunch of Anubias and some clithon snails but will soon be home to a pair of apistogramma mcmasteri and six Honey Gourami.



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Oh just realized I misread the comment to be the other tank! In the driftwood looking one it is almost all Anubias species (coffeefolia, nana petite, golden, thick leaf, and nana paxing). The coop has great petite, golden, and coffeefolia. The rest is a bit rarer and I had to get off aquabid and other places.

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