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Glowlight tetra keepers, talk to me.


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I have failed with glowlight tetras before.

For sentimental reasons i want to try them again, and be successful.

Can anyone that keeps them give me some tips?

I understand this is a rather popular and easy species.

With the stage im at in my hobby right now, id also want to breed them.


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Haven't bred em but I've kept some before. They are pretty easy fish, not picky or aggressive. Depending on the source of your glowlight tetras, they may need acidic water to thrive, however some captive bred ones do well in a pH of around 7.2. (The ones I had). Honestly they look better in a blackwater tank anyway imo. They can be shy if they don't have enough hiding spaces and aren't kept in a large enough school. When infection hit and 60 percent of my school died. I wasn't able to get any more for a month and a half, and they became much more shy, seeking out darker areas of the tank.

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