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Egg bound white cloud minnow?


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Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 25

Ph: 7.2

Gh: 200-250

Kh: 100-120

Temp: 76 F

Please forgive the algae in the tank. I think one of my white cloud minnows may be egg bound and experiencing abdominal swelling. I placed some Epson salt into the tank of a teaspoon for a 45 gallon and intend to give Epson salt baths. I have a normal looking female for reference. I just wanted to know everyone's else's thoughts. Everything else seems normal otherwise. 




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Hello everyone, sorry its been 2 months, I report that there is no change in her condition, all of my 3 minnows have been hanging out in a 30 gallon hospital tank, where I have been still semi-regularly giving salt and Epson salt baths. I even gave kanaplex and saw no change. I put a Almond leaf in the tank with no change. I raised the salt and Epson salt level and saw no change. I lowered the temperature to room temperature at 68 and saw no change. I am at a status quo, and search results for white cloud minnow and egg bound includes my post and a reddit post (https://www.reddit.com/r/Aquariums/comments/dug5jf/egg_bound_white_cloud_mountain_minnow/).

I am open to new suggestions, but I am thinking of returning them to the main tank. 

Below are photos: photos in the container were taken a month ago while photos in the tank were taken today, forgive a messy bottom its mostly algae I scrubbed off







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