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Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily Bulb

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I just received my bulb. I washed it and added it to my aquarium. 2 days later I noticed a fungus on the bulb. Is this normal? Do I need to address this? I am in the process of cycling my new aquarium and do not have any fish at this time. It's a 30gal with plants. 

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5 hours ago, Casual aquatics said:

How long dose it take to start rooting ? Should we be putting in substrate at some point? Or leaf at top soil? @Daniel 

I have never had one. Like @Roko mentions above, I would refer to:


Wish you could put lily pads in your aquarium? Check out the dwarf aquarium lily or Nymphaea stellata. Compared to your typical green...

which says, 'If you see no growth after one to three weeks, try turning the bulb over and give it another one to three weeks to sprout. Plant bulbs actually have a top and bottom side, but we cannot see it until it starts growing leaves up toward the surface and roots down toward the substrate.'

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