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No filter "Pest Snail" tank


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Can I utilise something like this vase as a "pest snail" tank for some time when I take my 29g tank down. I know I don't have tons of snails there right now.

I have lots of root plants, floating plants, moss ball and an anubias as well as substrate I can dump in to make this some sort of a walstadt tank or a tank setup tank functions without a filter/airstone. I can turn this into a jungle directly!

Any tips and personal experience on this sort of small setups? 

For now, I don't wanna dump in the MTS and 3-4 mini ramshorns I have in the new tank. But I want to have them in my betta tank I am planning to have someday , a bit after I'm done setting up my new tank maybe. Maybe sometime not even close, who knows. I'm already over the budget for the new tank lol.

Please share your ideas if it is possible or it is just too small even for  MTS/mini ramshorns.

I would love to see your own setup as well, if there is any.




If this is by no means doable, I will consider keeping my 10g QT tub and put them all there, as I can't kill snails. I like them. I just don't want them in the new setup but for another setup in the future.

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@Lennie Here’s my dirted no filter 6 gallon cube: 

I used Miracle Grow Organic soil. Ran it through a screen to remove any larger pieces and have really fine dirt. 1/4” inch of dirt on the bottom with a gravel cap.

Only a heater and a light are on this tank. No filter, no fertilizer. Just a dirt bed, a heater, and a good light. Tank is about 16 months old at this point. Pearl Weed has taken over but it’s fine by me. Here’s some pics 













I see your vase as just a different sized cube. Holler if you have any questions!

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I'll be honest. I didn't read all said here cause I'm super tired. Hopefully this helps lol. 

I have kept a 10 gallon ramshorn cull tank for 6 months now with no heater or filter, no feeding, and only about 2 water changes outside of fill ups. There is still about a hundred in there. They do not require Jack lol. 

In terms of too small?  No. They don't need much room at all and can deal with some crazy bad parameters. 

On 3/19/2023 at 9:28 PM, Miska said:


I may copy you both and do a snail holding tank when I get a pea puffer. 

It doesn't take much maintenance at all to keep a ramshorn colony going. I'm assuming the same for bladder snails as well. If you read above about my ramshorn cull tank you can see!. In your case I would feed them and do more water changes although it wouldn't require a heater or filter. Mine don't really reproduce much and when they do they eat the eggs and babies since I'm not feeding them. 

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Could always do a 5 gallon bucket.

You can probably keep two pest snails in a thimble and they'd reproduce.  You just might not get so many of them.

Or do you even need two of them... don't some snails reproduce asexually?

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