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Smart Timer CO2 - Friendly Reminder

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For anyone using lighting timers and CO2, here is your reminder to go ahead and check to make sure things got to the other side of daylight savings without messing around too much on schedule.

I don't know if the fluval/kasa apps handle this well at all, but be sure to get into the app and check to make sure they are what you want!

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The Kasa app adjusts seamlessly and goes off the time of your computing device.


I run a number of Kasa smart plugs.  On occasion I do find they lose connection with the wifi and hence your app.  Unplugging and replugging it clears it up.  I may be outting my co2 on a mechanical timer though as the Kasa could go offline and not shut off which happened recently to me on smartplugs controlling the hall lights… they stayed on all day.

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