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Vaguely Walstad 5 gallon Betta Tank

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I decided I wanted to set up a betta tank with a dirt substrate with a sand cap. I set up a tank with dirt a long time ago and it's still up as my least demanding tank. So when "assorted female" Betty came home with me by accident from the big box store, I took the opportunity to set up a 5 gallon for her. Here she is in her quarantine / plastic aquarium tote. I put an almond leaf and it's been melting down so the bottom is a little dirty. But the test results are good and she's happy. 


Betty the BettaIMG_1317.jpeg.530c8c18a7b296d15b73effb4c44afed.jpeg

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So I floated some organic potting soil in water to separate the big floaters and perlite from the soil particles. Then I put down about an inch with about a quarter cup of crushed Flora Max I had laying around mixed in. I sucked up a turkey baster worth of soil out of my other dirt tank to inoculate (in my mind anyway) the new dirt with some old microorganisms. Covered it with an inch / inch and half of larger grain sand. Added an Indian almond leaf.  I put in a sponge filter I had running in another tank and off we go! 

So far it's tested well - time will tell. I actually have two little heaters in there - my first one didn't keep it warm enough so I added the second. I have a more powerful adjustable one coming in the mail.

There are bladder snails that came in with some of my plants - I'm going to move some trumpet snails over too. Once it's settled a bit in a week or two  I'll add Betty.




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Betty got back up in patrolling the tank... Ashoka Tano and the force! I also added a tunnel for her to swim through. I haven't seen her swim through it.... but it's new yet. I had a coconut one but it was too big for the space, I thought. So it is now the "Death Star" in my 20 gallon. The Black Phantoms are avoiding it but the snails have already checked it out. I figure it will add another source of biofilm/algae for the otos.



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