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Unfortunate Restarting. Sterilizing sand


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Woke up and had a dead guppy tank. 
my next step is to sterilize my sponge filters and equipment within the tank to start over. 

my question is what should i do with my aquarium sand? is there a method to sterilizing it? 

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I wouldn’t start with sterilization. At least not until I knew what happened. 

how long has your tank been running?

what are your water parameters?

did you have some kind of disease recently?

what is your stocking level?


I would hate to see you start over if it wasn’t necessary. 

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We need to verify parameters and setup for the fish, verify what happened (if anything) to cause a fish death.  Perhaps there is something overlooked.  I agree with Ken that sterilizing everything may or may not be the best method.  If that's what you want to do, I would dump a ton of salt and let it run for a week.

What is in the tank, is there any other fish?  plants?  Did you see something that makes you think there is a severe disease needing sterilization?

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