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Dwarf Chain Sword looking a bit bad

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I planted these a couple of weeks ago. They got a bit disturbed when I moved them around gently and added root tabs. I dose with easy green once a week. Water parameters are pretty normal and steady. I'm new to planted tanks, so not sure if this is the melting process or something to be concerned about. I'm using one of these for lighting LED Deluxe Full Hoods | Aqueon but only one of the light slots is occupied. Thanks for any help!


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On 3/21/2023 at 9:04 AM, Maximus said:

This seems like it was due to the active carbon filter I was using leeching nutrients from the water. The moneywort probably looks fine because it's got root tabs. I've taken the carbon filter out and the plants seem to be doing a bit better (there's new growth).

I'd still observe the plant a few more weeks. If it's growing then that's a good sign but I think the plant might need more light.

The root tabs are actually leeching nutrients in your water (unless you have aquasoil under the gravel) and the plants are consuming those via water column feeding. 

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