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Strange white spots on/inside pristella tetra


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Hey guys,

I recently got 8 golden pristella tetras and I’m deeply regretting being impatient and not putting them through a longer quarantine period. I came home today to find out of nowhere there are multiple pristellas that have this strange thing going on where it looks like there are white spots just underneath the scales in the body. It doesn’t look like ich but I’m stumped. Since this color variant allows us to “see through” the body of the fish, I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is the effect of an external parasite or if this is purely internal. Tank is planted and has lots of snails so I want to be certain what I’m dealing with before I start taking action that could potentially hurt the plants or snails or other fish. 

tank: 29 gallon running problem free for about 11 months.

temp: 77-78 degrees 

PH: 7.8 (my tap water runs high, close to 8).    
GH: moderately hard about 100ppm

Buffer: 80ppm 

ammonia: 0

nitrite: 0

nitrate: maintained right around 20ppm for plants (anubias, dwarf aquarium lilies, Italian vallisneria 

thanks everyone!!





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 looks like over production of the silme coat  that can be caused by external parasites such as ich flukes poor water quality your water parameters are fine you pH I would aim for 7-7.5 if your other fish are thriving then I wouldn't change it another possibility is epistylis it feeds off of gram negative bacteria on your fish causing secondary bacterial infections body colour of your fish could be making it look like over production of the silme coat it's difficult to tell he's how you can tell if it's epistylis @Christhefishman


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