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Hello from Glendale, Arizona


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Hello everyone my name is Nick and I have been into the hobby for almost a year now! I’m in love with planted tanks and I’ve set up 3 so far! I have a fluval spec v with a male betta and a bunch of cherry shrimp. I have a fluval flex 15 gallon with a male German blue ram 3 male endlers and 4 otocinclus and I also have another 5 gallon tank with pea puffers and full of cherry shrimp! Thank you for checking out my tanks and I can’t wait to gain more knowledge and get more inspiration from you all!




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I appreciate it! I have been propagating and putting some in other tanks just to see how they grow under different conditions. There are certain plants that are only in one tank, but that’s mainly slow growers like bucephalandra! It’s amazing how many plants you can get for your money if things go right!

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