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Changing projects or bringing back your fishes. Your opinion?

Karen B.

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I bought white cloud minnows for my first aquarium- a 20 gallons.

I had done my research and was happy that they were compatible with the other fishes that I wanted - honey gourami & julii corydoras. What I did not know was that while they fit technically within the temperature range, it’s not the ideal settings long terme to keep them in the extreme low or high of these range. So byebye cory and honey gourami.

I didn’t mind too much. My White Cloud Minnows are cute. I did have issue with an overly agressive one but after removing it, the tank somewhat settled. But another fish became dominant (not to the extreme of the previous one) but he still chases the other around.

I don’t really enjoy the agression and I feel bad. Maybe my tank is not ideal for them? Or it’s their normal behavior? But it stresses me out. I was looking for peaceful fish, everywhere they are said to be... apparently mine are psychopaths?

In this case, is it ok to bring back the fishes to the fish store? I feel bad as it seems I am abandoning them... How commun is it in the hobby to do this? I kinda feel as if I failed them/my commitment.

What are your toughts on the subject?


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14 hours ago, StephenP2003 said:

When fish compatibility isn't working out, the responsible thing to do is bring them back or rehome them. It's very common with a lot of species. For example, in keeping discus, you generally start with more than what you intend to keep, and return the ones that are least harmonious with your group. 

Thank you for your answer. I didn’t know  that fact about discus

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On 11/6/2020 at 2:12 PM, Guppy Guru said:

If your fish store is any good they should take back the fish, it is very common and is usually part of why you buy from a LFS.

Could you post a pic of your tank to see what your setup looks like to maybe get a better idea for what your stocking options are!

Thank you!

@Guppy Guru
I will return Jaws, the bully white Cloud Minnow, for sure.

I am just a little disappointed that my misunderstanding of temperature range, and the fact that my LFS did not correct me and said Honey gourami, julii cory and white cloud could all go together (technically aqadvisor too as they all « meet » at 22*c) now has me « stuck » with my 20 gallons as an all species tank. I am limited in the number of tank I can have and what I really wanted was the gourami and the cory, the minnows were just the cool schooling fish. So it feels a bit like a « waste » of a 20 gallons.

I do have a 10 gallons, but I think it’s too small for 12 minnows, so I would feel bad transferring them. Will probably end up stocking the 10 gallons with 1 honey gourami and 5 male guppy... but the gourami would have been better in the 20 I think! 

First tank : 20 gallons, cycled, 12 white cloud minnows and 2 orange dwarf mexicain crayfish (cpo). 
Filter : Aqueon quietflow 20

Have a heater, air stone, mainly plastic decor and plastic plants (do have cholla wood, driftwood and am experimenting with 2 real plants)

Temp is set at 68F

pH : 7.4


gh is 11, kh is 4


2nd tank is a 10 gallons, cycled very recently.
Filter : Aqueon quietflow 10

Have a heater, air stone, mainly plastic decor and plastic plants (do have cholla wood, am experimenting with 1 real plants)

same parameters as the 20 gallons.



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