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Jaws - the agressive white clouds minnow

Karen B.

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I have this White Cloud Minnow that is a bully. Within a week, my 6 males had damaged fins. Within 2 weeks, my fishes were all staying at the top left corner of the aquarium- he wouldn’t let them move.

I tried everything- time out for a day and rearranging the decor, adding more minnows, putting him 3 weeks all alone in a tank.

I know he is the problem (and not the decor or my crayfish) because everything healed when he was away.

I felt bad keeping him alone so I added him back... and he is back to chasing everyone around, etc. While he was gone, another male became dominant but never to that extent.

How long should I give him his chance back in the main tank? Should I remove him right away or give him/everyone a few days to settle? I fed them, added API stress coat and closed the light for now.

Thank you!


ps : If it doesn’t work, I will bring him back to the fish store. ☹️


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It's a bummer, but sometimes our pets just don't get along. As pet-keepers it's on us to work these situations out.

I have a cherry barb that was a bully in a smaller tank. As a last ditch effort, I moved it to a 29 gallon with some gold white clouds and a black moor goldfish of all things. She's doing great in there. She shoals with the white clouds and eats when they eat. The black moor is so derpy and blind, I've never lost a fish to it. I practically have to hand-feed it for it to find the food. Plus there is plenty of vegetation and cover in the tank for the minnows. It's a weird setup, but it seems to be working.

Every situation is going to be a bit unique in some way. It could be that the best choice is to take the minnow to a LFS.

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