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Anubias and Crypt issues

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I can't figure out why these easier to grow plants die 100% of the time in my tank.

I've purchased beautiful and healthy Anubias and Crypt from the Co-op and elsewhere. So, it's not a plant source issue - it's me lol

Crypt immediately melts and dies. Anubias gets the rhizome covered in that white cocoon that driftwood develops. The goop encases the rhizome and the leaves fall off, the rest of the plant goes to mush and is done. (No I'm not planting the rhizome I've always attached it to a rock or wood)

I have very hard water with a tap PH of around 8. Any thoughts?

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Crypts normally melts and should grow back in time just leave them alone, in low light, no co2  tanks they grow slow.

As anubias goes just remove white fungus that driftwood makes, it shouldn't rot because of it.


Few photos would be helpful.

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My crytocoryne wendtii green melted completely except for the roots which still felt firm. I left the roots planted and it's pushing up new leaves after a few weeks.

Idk about your Anubias maybe get some shrimp to snack on the biofilm? I feel like the one in my tank is doing the same thing right now. It looks like it's breaking off and getting filmy just above the root. I plan to leave it in the tank just in case it decides to get all new leaves or something but I'm just going to wait and see. My last tiny Anubias died very slowly lol this one is Anubias Coffeefolia 

***Edit to say that all the leaves have totally fallen off this plant this afternoon. I left the roots in and we will see what happens. 


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The anubias looks like anubias rot. You can email me shipping@aquariumcoop.com  We can get you taken care of. 

Are we using root tabs for the crypts? They are heavy root feeders and need nutrients at the roots. This will also help them recover faster from crypt melt, while acclimating to your tank. 




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