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Tank-specific tools

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After losing several fish last week, I ordered some extra nets and tweezers for our (5) tanks. What method do you guys use to avoid cross contamination between tanks? I'm thinking of doing something to separate tools/nets by color for each tank. Do you use colored tape? Is there anything else I can use to mark each tool with a color that goes with each tank? 



I was thinking of using something like this on the side of each tank, and match each net and tool to it.



Masking tape.jpg

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I don't have many tanks but anything used in the quarantine/hospital tank is kept separate and stored in the tank. 

I rarely net my fish but I only have one gravel vac so that goes from tank to tank. So having differentb sets of everything else would be pointless anyway for me. 

Hospital tank is bare bottomed as rule so no need to vac that just wash after use

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I keep quarantine tanks in basement with separate nets and siphon down there.


I use same tools on display tanks upstairs ( seperate from wuarantine tanks) ie I dont isolate 1 display tank from others…

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On 3/15/2023 at 2:39 PM, Scaperoot said:

I hadn't even thought of the gravel vac! I'm doing water changes daily on tanks that have meds and have just been rinsing the hose and vac out with hot water and Hydrogen Peroxide. 

I hadn't really thought about until writing my earlier response I only had one tank for most of my fish keeping so it's a new thing to think about.

Cleaning in hydrogen peroxide sounds like a perfect solution.

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