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Danios dying every few months

Justin Campbell

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Hi friends! We have a 20g community tank that started with 5 GloFish Danios back in February. We've lost 2 so far, and a 3rd one (the orange one in the photos) is exhibiting the same symptoms. They seem to get thinner and thinner, and their back almost seems like it's arching more too (is this hollow belly? wasting disease?). They get reclusive and stop eating, and a few days later they die. The orange one is currently attempting to eat but is not swimming with the others. I can't tell if it's spitting the food out or not. It seems like it's also getting bullied a bit by the larger Danios now, but not really during feeding time. We're feeding Tetra Color flake food but occasionally mix it up with Repashy, Bug Bites, or blood worms.

The first time this happened we did nothing, the 2nd time I dosed the Maracyn and Paracleanse according to directions.

Water parameters:

Temp: 78F

Ammonia: 0

Nitrites: 0

Nitrates: 30

ph: 7.4

KH: 5

GH: 9

Other tankmates: Guppies, Endlers, Panda Cories, Otos, Neon Tetras, Assassin Snails, and a teeny tiny Albino Longfin Bristlenose Pleco (we're planning to upsize this tank in the near future before it gets big).

Currently doing weekly 25% water changes, and gravel vac every 4 weeks.

I have 10g tanks I can move it to for treatment, but I'm wondering what the best thing to do is? I have not treated with salt before, but since I've tried the antibiotic and anti-parasitic before, I don't think it's worth trying them again. Just wanted to get the forum's thoughts on next steps.

I've also heard GloFish Danios might be a little weaker due to them being bred from an albino Danio morph. Has that been anyone else's experience, or is that just nonsense?

Thanks in advance! -Justin







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I've had a similar issue with my glofish danios dying off even though water parameters have been stable throughout. I currently have one glo danio that is reclusive and not eating. I don't expect it to last much longer. Cory in another forum post mentioned that the glofish genetics are generally weaker. @Justin Campbell did you have any luck with your orange glo danio?

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