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Micro worms culture

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Hi, so I obtained a culture of microworms. I am underprepared in terms of boxes, so I chose three different sizes three different materials that i had at home.

Since i also have zero experience with this, i did it with just bread (though frozen bread previously), just oats and oats and some live yeast. Though all the how-to were 'put some x, pour some y, put some water' so i have zero knowledge if i did it too wet, too dry or which option would be worse.

I put a teaspoon of the culture on each, two teaspoons on the largest and have still about a teaspoon of the culture left. Can I add some yeast and water to the original culture?

I will check tomorrow the three closed boxes. What is the rule of thumb, if the culture is too wet add some dry material, sure but like how dry. If i tilt it should there be some water residue or not. When will i notice that the culture is not doing well?

Thanks, sorry for beginner questions, never did this 🙂

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Thanks, this was helpful. It doesnt say if the culture should be on light or if it can be inside a closed cabinet for example. Also in all the how-to from here, noone makes holes in the culture. Opening it once in a while to remove the excess CO2 is said to be sufficient, also doesnt risk introducing pests. Will see how it works.


The microworms are...big shock...tiny 😄 I fed a bit from the original culture after rinsing it in the water and I can barely see  them when I put them in the tank

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I use containers with cloth covered, vented lids that I had bought for wingless fruit fly cultures.  Mine dry up too fast.  If I spray the cloth covering the vents with a bit of water they still seem to vent fine and don’t dry up as fast.  I’ve seen directions where they put pinholes in solid plastic lids.

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