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CJs Aquatics

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After my own heart, this.

Here are things I sometimes dig into...

(1) Right here on the Forum, some of us have been uploading interesting books, journals, archived materials. You can review everything here: https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/files/category/1-files/page/2/ 

(2) For books, if you can get your public library to special order some for you, have a good look at these: (a) "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium:  A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist" Diana Walstad (1999, 3rd ed. 2013) (b) "Aquascaping: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planting, Styling and Maintaining Beautiful Aquariums" George Farmer (2020).

(3) I love keeping and breeding North American Native Fish. NANFA has archived articles to review here: http://www.nanfa.org/ac2.shtml

(4) I also adore Killifish. Although the website is ancient and will not display properly on my browser, there is a treasury of knowledge here: https://aka.org/!area_Public/publicLibrary/libraryDisplay.html 

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On 3/9/2023 at 7:32 AM, CJs Aquatics said:

Can anyone recommend any interesting literature on freshwater fish species or plants, ecology of freshwater systems/ biotopes, breeding, scholarly or scientific journals etc. any awesome material pertaining the hobby? 

You may like this video!


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