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Artemia feeding questions


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Hi, so i hatched my bbs for my Indostomus paradoxus. They are cute but super small, very very not mobile and unless the bbs smacks them in the face, sort of not there yet with the hunting.

I wonder how much should I feed and what will happen to the rest of the bbs in the tank. There are only red cherry shrimp, I assume they can't catch the live ones but will eat the dead ones. The question is, how much would be too much to foul the water and how long the (washed) brine shrimp remains alive.

Even as is, the 8 fish and 20-30 shrimp seem like a spit in the 45 liters, especially with so much moss. I don't want to overfeed the tank but also I want the fish to be doing ok. They are just so small, and don't seem that bright :))

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