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Help to Identify this Fish

Wes L.

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A couple months ago I purchased 10 ember tetras from my LFS, and they were very young fish. Not fry, but definitely juveniles. While they were bagging them, I noticed one of the "embers" had an odd body shape, so I pointed it out and asked them to replace it because that wasn't an ember tetra...and they replaced it. However, now that the fish have grown a bit, I see I have two more of these fish which are clearly not embers. There was also a fry in the bag, which I noticed before I dumped the water. I scooped it up and kept it in a little separate container, but now it's in the big tank and doing great, except it's also one of these fish. Being there was a fry in the bag, and the shape of these fish, clearly they are some kind of livebearer (and the two larger ones pictured are clearly males), and the Mickey Mouse shaped spots on the tail probably indicates this is some type of Mickey Mouse Platy? The coloring is consistent in all three fish, but they just don't look exactly like Platies to me. Does anyone recognize what kind of fish these are? And these are rapid growers. They have already outgrown all the fish in the tank.

Aquarium Fish 1.jpg

Aquarium Fish 2.jpg

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