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What’s up everybody, so today was quite eventful. Long long story short the universe guided me in the direction of a new LFS which also led me to the local club here. Today was my first meeting. Called a friend of mine to come from out of town he drove 2 hrs to attended my very first event with me. Got lost trying to find it and showed up late. Imagine my surprise upon entering when I saw they had an amazing guest speaker who I’ve been watching for a long time on YouTube, who I got the opportunity to talk to later on in the day, as well as an auction and a raffle. First meeting, First auction of any kind ever, an amazing local fish store, an incredible one of a kind presentation, some merch, some new fish, some of which being from the speaker who acquired the bloodline from one of my other favorite YouTubers, perhaps a friend who is starting to share the passion for the hobby as well, just an amazing day I had to share…sometimes getting lost is the only way to find your way I guess, excited and rejuvenated….

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