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Horticulture sand

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Has anyone used basic horticulture sand in an aquarium?  I was at our local  hardware/garden center and noticed it for sale, It looks like the perfect size for a little 3.7 gal that I want to set up.  🤔

I think I'm going to try it, and see what happens. :classic_biggrin:



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Made the choice of 'sand', I think of it more of a tiny gravel....When does it start to be considered sand? :classic_rolleyes: .  Rinsed it, not bad, just a little dust and some organic material. Put some in the 3.7 and my Triops pool. Looks good to me in the 3.7 and the Triops love it!  :classic_laugh: Dig Dig Dig.  Weird little vernal pool critters. 😎  I'm already looking forward to trying the other, 'sand'.  Slow down man! 🤣







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According to Geokansas  The difference between sand and gravel is 1mm  🧐  Gravel begins at 3mm.  Who knew!   

I like the grain size, It might be a good substitute for PFS.  My Indoor Horticultural Sand is obtained by rinsing pea gravel in a kitchen colander. I'd gladly buy a bag.

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The Triops seem to like the size of the sand and being in a tank rather than a tupperware tray.  Strange little crustaceans, they eat carrots and fish pellets! :classic_rolleyes:




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