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New tank journal time!  My 10-gallon tank was an absolute hot mess.  How did I get there? I was promoted at work, then I caught the latest crud going around the airport.  After being sick for weeks, I'm finally feeling better. Unfortunately, the tank was a mess.  Out-of-control algae growing on everything, struggling plants, algae in the substrate, pest snails, and a dead filter. My white clouds and pygmy corys were happy.  

Yesterday, I salvaged what plants I could, removed as much algae as possible, did battle with the bladder snails, and ended up having to remove a lot of sand substrate.  Some of the sand was left on the bottom and I used fluval stratum on top.  I planted three pots of crypts, some sort of repens, and a new anubias. 

Here is what I started with.  





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Last week Monday, the Todal 35 that was in the tank died.  I did a curbside pickup and ended up with a Top Fin Pro 30.  The filter itself is decent but it needed modifications for the 10-gallon.  I pushed the adjustable intake tube all the way in and did not use the tube for the intake sponge. Next, I cut the intake sponge and wrapped it around the intake. It worked and filtered well but was just too noisy for a tank in the bedroom.  I pulled out my trusty sponge filter this morning.  


Here is the tank currently.  It's still a bit cloudy today.



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