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Causes Of Hair Algaes, Fighting An Outbreak

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I have big outbreaks in newly set up aquariums.  It typically gets better on its on in the sense that eventually when I trim out plants covered in it and the new growth just plain doesn't have it.  


This weekend I tried reverse respiration on a bunch of trimmings.  VERY limited success.  These plants are all in new tanks, it will eventually settle out.  The fish are fine the main plants are OK at this point.  They're growing and getting established and will hopefully outcompete it eventually.




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On 3/7/2023 at 12:47 PM, Pepere said:

Having water in the tank dramatically increases your chances of developing it.   Removing the water is virtually guaranteed to prevent it.

Facts! 😄

It is such an annoying thing to have istg. Yesterday when I was watching, one of my rummy noses choked on it almost. I once found by rabbit snail and berried shrimp's leg got stuck in it too. It annoys me so hard.


Has anyone had any success with SAE vs hair algae and staghorn? Do they eat it when it is short or eat it when it is longer too?

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On 3/11/2023 at 10:32 PM, Pepere said:

I have dealt with hair algaue predominantly by manual removal, and reducing photo period….   And if you are dosing Iron for red plants. limit it to 1 per week, or better yet stop until it is under control.


I also added some American Flag Fish, though with those you have to encourage them to eat it by being stingy with feedings…

My iron only comes from all in one fert (tropica premium)+equilibrium during water changes. 

Sadly we don't have american flag fish here 😞

Do you remove it with a tooth brush or something? Tweezers seem inefficent. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong

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