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Scarlet Temple turning brown?

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I'm new to the hobby and have had this 15g Fluval Flex going for a couple weeks.  I know I've read that pink/red plants can be difficult to keep color without supplementing CO2.  I'm just wondering if that's my issue, or if it's something else such as my lighting.  I have the light running on full white brightness and I have added blue/red rgb.  I used to run the light for 15 hours, but have decreased the time to 12 hours.  I have quite a bit of algae which was my reasoning for doing this.  Any suggestions?  My tank isnt fully cycled so my parameters are as follows using test strips:  temp 72, nitrate 0 (maybe 10), nitrite 1, hardness 150-300 (tap water cut in half with RO), buffer 0-40, pH 6.4, chlorine 0. 

Any suggestions and help will be appreciated!  Thanks


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