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Pearl Weed

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On 3/4/2023 at 12:35 PM, guppy said:

Anyone have luck on pearl weed? Looking to put as a foreground plant. Is it something easy to grow? Dont want c02 requirements. And want something that is very easy to grow

Pearl weed will overtake your tank if you don't trim it regularly. Using it as a foreground, it will need constant trimming because they do grow extremely fast once it adjusts to your tank.

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Pearlweed is fantastically easy to grow with a little bit of light and a general fert! You can use it as a foreground plant as long as you're willing to keep it trimmed as it can get very big and bushy when it's happy in your tank and left to its own devices. It also spreads, but is pretty easy to just pull a section up and snip it off. Trimming pearlweed is easy. You can do it during your water changes while you're siphoning out water. Hover the end of the hose over the part you're trimming and you don't have to worry about a bunch of little clippings floating around or having to try to chase them down.

I actually have a field of pearlweed in the front right half of my 20 long and the betta fish in there loves to wedge herself in it and crawl around in it! It started out as a few short clippings from someone else's tank. No c02, I just use a cheap Nicrew light on that tank and a couple squirts of easy green once or twice a week.

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