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Will crawdads eat my fish?


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Living in south Louisiana, crawfish are everywhere.  My kids wanted to put two of them in our aquarium when we first got it.  They picked two out of a batch that was about to be boiled (like the Thanksgiving turkey pardon...lol).  One died within a day or two.  The other one would sit under a rock and pick off a fish every once in a while when they got too close.  When the novelty wore off and we were ready to get some real fish, we got him out and released him in a local lake.  After I moved the rock, there were fish parts everywhere and my tank was a mess.  Then I decided to get a test kit.  Chemically, my water was a mess. 

I do not recommend crawfish or "lobsters" for an aquarium with fish.  In most states crawfish are illegal, so they are sold as "lobsters."  To anyone that has grown up around crawfish, they can spot them from a mile away.

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