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Hello From Connecticut!

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Hey Fellow Nerms! 

I'm a relatively new fish keeper, been in the hobby for a few months. Started with a 10 gallon that was gifted to me and now I have a 55, 65, 20 long. 

Initially I started fish keeping for my kids and now I'm fully addicted. I'm so happy I found this community and the aquarium co-op. Cory's mentality, videos, and products are awesome. It's not often you find a company that you actually care about and actually cares about their customers. I can't wait to meet and interact with the community here and look forward to exchanging information with everyone!  

Here is my current stock:

55 Gallon: Serpe Tetras, Black Skirt Tetras, Giant danios, Long Finn blue cloud Danios, Platys, snails, Frogs, plecos, plants

20 Gallon: Guppies and snails, plants

65 Gallon: Pictus Catfish, Bala Sharks, Pleco. (Looking to rehome the bala Sharks and about a footlong pleco if anyone wants them for free! They were gifted to me with tanks and are growing too big for the 65)





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Well I guess nightmare is a relative term. They are hardy and can tolerate wide perams. They require a big tank a large school and don't get along with many other tank mates. Having said that I kept them with Buenos Areis Tetras, Giant Danios, and pictus cat fish. It was a beautiful tank that was really active. Just hard to keep anything slow moving or small with them. They have small mouths are are hungry!  I think they're beautiful though. I hope someone on here wants them before I rehome to a LFS. 

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Thanks! There's so much great information on thus forum. I'm just pouring through all the information! Just happy I found a great supportive and informative resource.  Facebook is full of some rude people and a lot of misinformation. 

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On 3/3/2023 at 7:39 AM, CaptKirkland said:

Initially I started fish keeping for my kids and now I'm fully addicted.

Haha welcome to the club! The perk is that they think you're doing all this for them. At least my kids think that.

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