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Hello From Connecticut!

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Hey Fellow Nerms! 

I'm a relatively new fish keeper, been in the hobby for a few months. Started with a 10 gallon that was gifted to me and now I have a 55, 65, 20 long. 

Initially I started fish keeping for my kids and now I'm fully addicted. I'm so happy I found this community and the aquarium co-op. Cory's mentality, videos, and products are awesome. It's not often you find a company that you actually care about and actually cares about their customers. I can't wait to meet and interact with the community here and look forward to exchanging information with everyone!  

Here is my current stock:

55 Gallon: Serpe Tetras, Black Skirt Tetras, Giant danios, Long Finn blue cloud Danios, Platys, snails, Frogs, plecos, plants

20 Gallon: Guppies and snails, plants

65 Gallon: Pictus Catfish, Bala Sharks, Pleco. (Looking to rehome the bala Sharks and about a footlong pleco if anyone wants them for free! They were gifted to me with tanks and are growing too big for the 65)





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Well I guess nightmare is a relative term. They are hardy and can tolerate wide perams. They require a big tank a large school and don't get along with many other tank mates. Having said that I kept them with Buenos Areis Tetras, Giant Danios, and pictus cat fish. It was a beautiful tank that was really active. Just hard to keep anything slow moving or small with them. They have small mouths are are hungry!  I think they're beautiful though. I hope someone on here wants them before I rehome to a LFS. 

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