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Time to retire the ol' standby


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I just dosed the last dose into the tank...  My mini bottle of Easy Green "Classic" is officially done.  I think my first order from ACO (or one shortly thereafter) was a bottle of easy green and one of the 1L refill containers.  I probably got two just because I had two tanks and didn't want to move things around the house too much.

Heck, I even bought extra bottles of ACO liquid products so I could just have the bottles for other uses. 

Anyways, the ol' white label bottle of EG with the green plastic is officially retired after today. I have the fancy new labels with the bigger bottles on standby and I'm excited to be able to use them, but just a big nod to how influential, useful, and delightful that bottle has been for myself and so many others.

Now I have 3 bottles of Seachem Iron to use up before I can get the trio completed. 😂

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