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Roll or Spray Aquarium Back?

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I roll on this acrylic paint: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09GKY2PC1

Takes 3 or 4 coats with a small roller, but easily done in an afternoon. Once each coat is dry, I just hold it up to the light. I use a small sponge brush to get any spots by the rim that the roller can't reach. Once dry it scrapes off easily with a blade, so I get a perfect backing with none on the sides. I could prob even scrape off the entire backing if I wanted to. Holds up well to water. 

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This is what I used....


I've been really happy with it on my 10 gallon tank. I've had it on this tank since last summer and I really like it. It really brightens up this thank compared to my other tanks that I have a black background on. I have dwarf sag across the back of the tank, so if there is any algae on it I can't really see it for all of the dwarf sag. The picture below is from last fall...the plants have filled in quite a bit since the photo was taken.

Just be sure to mask the sides before you spray the back or you'll get a bit of overspray on them. Not a big deal though. Easily remedied with a razor blade.



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Black window film for me, easy to do, no toxic fumes, easily removable.  It’s been sticking very well for about 3 years since I started using it.  The only exception is a couple cubes that sit in front of a window and the cats have rubbed against one corner on each one getting into that window sill, and dislodged a top corner on each, one a tiny bit, the other a bit more.  Nothing else is peeling off at all.

If you don’t have cats to “help” you, it stays on great so far.  I’ve got it on 9 tanks.

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I just use these kinds of inexpensive craft paints that I buy at Michael’s or Meijer. I have used black, charcoal, navy blue and mixes of those colors. I put it on with a small paintbrush, but using a roller would work too.  They are easy to remove with a wet sponge and a scraper if you ever want to change colors.



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