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Guppy Fry


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My guppy had babies and I didn't know it until I saw two swimming near my water sprite . Only two survived as I had no idea they were there . Does anyone know if a red blue double sword guppy fry will have the tail of a male when very young . Right now they look just like the female . My male I think got sucked up into my filter two days after I got him (have a pre filter now), but the female must have been holding from the delivery store ,I think . Really want a male to replace the one I got , but they look like mom .

two fish x 2.jpg

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Guppy fry are like little mystery boxes. It takes a month or two for the colors to start showing. 

Once pregnant always pregnant with guppy ladies, so there might be some surprising genes, and you're going to have more guppies that you expect... 

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On 3/2/2023 at 12:44 PM, Cinnebuns said:

I love this description. I also like to say they aren't born but port in from another dimension out of nowhere. 

Must be . I was very surprised to see the two .... just there

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