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Will Kanaplex Alone Cure Columnaris?


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Hello all, I believe my betta fish is displaying symptoms of columnaris. (It is entirely my fault if this is the case, for I've allowed my struggles with mental health to overtake me more often than I'd like, making it difficult to care for both myself and my sweet fish. I want to do the best I can for her, however.) Anyways, I noticed a white patch on her head behind one of her eyes two days ago, on Sunday, along with what might possibly be some smaller patches or lesions near her gills. I was able to have Kanaplex delivered to me yesterday, after which I administered the medicine into the water. I haven't dosed any today, as per the Kanaplex instructions, but my fish looks about the same as she did yesterday. Her behavior is normal, and her condition doesn't seem to be getting worse just yet, but it also doesn't appear any better.

I then came across some articles about columnaris which stated to use Furan 2 or other medicines in conjunction with Kanaplex. Will Kanaplex alone cure columnaris, or should I purchase Furan 2 or another medicine including nitrofurazone (?) to save my fish? Thank you in advance for your help.

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The most effective treatment for columnaris is a combination of kanaplex and jungal fungus clear fizz tabs containing nitrofurazone following this treatment plan API furan 2 has been discontinued it can take two full course of treatment back to back @saphbettas


I would keep treating with kanaplex and order jungal fungus clear fizz tabs when they arrive I would do a full course of kanaplex and jungal fungus clear fizz tabs following this treatment plan @saphbettas

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