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Kuhli Loach feeding question


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Hi! I am new to tank keeping and will be getting a tank in April, I have chosen Kuhli Loaches as my bottom feeders along with mystery snails, do my Kuhli Loaches need more food than the scraps of what’s left over from the other fish if so what do you recommend? 


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I haven't kept them personally, but to quote the official aquarium co-op care guide for them: "Kuhli loaches are great clean-up crew members when it comes to rooting out any crumbs leftover by other fish, but you must specifically feed them to make sure they don’t go hungry. They prefer sinking foods such as community pellets, Repashy gel food, frozen bloodworms, and live blackworms. If the other fish in your aquarium are eating all the food before the kuhli loaches get to them, try feeding them at night when the lights are out, and they’re sure to get nice and plump."

Full post: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/care-guide-for-kuhli-loaches

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Mystery snails just devour anything they can eat 😄

What I personally do to make sure my nocturnal bottom feeders get food in mystery snail tank is, I make sure mystery snails get food more than once a day so they are not super hungry all the time, and I break the bottom feeder pellets in small pieces and spread it around so snails don't eat everything directly and immediately go for the next piece of food in seconds. They really are fast eaters!

I sometimes feed sinking pellets and spread it around in the tank.

Feed kuhlis when the lights are off as long as they are not coming out during daytime, cause they are nocturnal. Try to observe if you overfeed by the morning to decide how much you gotta feed. But frankly, I don't think mysterys leave any food from my experience anyway lol

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