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Hello guys!

I hope you are doing well

I have a really serious issue with my goldfish. I recently purchased these fish from someone who was having a pond clear out and decided to buy some of his goldfish for my 400L aquarium. After 1 day, I could see that the fish were not behaving normally. Some were just sitting at the bottom, others would gasp for air at the surface and some would also crazily swim back and forth. I tried treating them with PIMAFIX, but I found that it mad oxygenation levels worse in the tank and they were gasping for air even more. So I did a 100% water change to remove the medication. I tried white spot treatment (blue in colour) with my filter on and 1 day later I can see fin rot and the spotty, gritty, sand-like texture of their fins and eyes.

Guys can you please advise what I need to do, I am super stressed here image.gif.62845c84bedfcd3759c5b050cf5217aa.gif








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The first step is figuring out what is causing your fish to be stressed. Have you already tested for amonia, nitrites, PH, chlorine and water temperature? 

Have you added an air stone in case the issue is with oxygen? 

Once you have removed the stressers from the tank that is causing the Fish to get sick, I would treat them with Maracyn for the fin rot and potentially Ich-x if you think they have a fungal infection as well. 

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On 2/27/2023 at 10:09 PM, Ridwaan98 said:


Yes so I did something very stupid before bringing them. I basically rinsed all my filter media from my fx6 under tap water. Ammonia is around 1-2ppm

I would do a 50% water change and then add a 2x dose of seachem prime or fritz complete to detoxify the remaining ammonia. 

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I would add an extra air stone if their hanging at the surface and some aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 2 gallons that will aid Gill function and add essential electrolytes I would keep doing large water changes and add a double dose prime or Fritz complete @Ninjomasuggested to help detoxify any ammonia till it constantly stays at zero @Ridwaan98

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I have given up with these fish. I let them free in a pond. I now have a newly cycling fish tank, going to wait about 1-2 weeks before adding new fish. going to test ammonia,  nitrate and nitrite levels first ofc. Any ideas of fish I should buy?


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CPO crayfish are cool if you haven't tried them yet. 

Roseline sharks and siamese algae eaters are fun to watch zoom around larger tanks together. 

Is the new tank still 400l? Have you decided upon what temperature range or anything else for the tank yet? 

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