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DIY Fish Food and Storage!


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Wanted to share my little “hack” 

1.) I take all nearly expired or extra foods I have laying around and blend them together into a course power. Then mix with a flavor free gelatin and boom! There’s my DIY Repashy. Obviously not my original idea just wanted to give context to the picture. If you can tell by the picture, all shorts of foods are mixed in and is great for my shrimp and community tanks! 

2.) I hatch out large batches of baby brine and freeze them in a silicone mold. Perfect little treat for the adults and handy if I have an unexpected spawn! 

3.) I pop out a sleeve of bloodworms in advance to just keep things easier. 

lastly, I store them in my deep freezer together in these dollar tree containers. During feeding, I bring it along and feed all the tanks! Great way to keep things from melting in your hands or paper towels. Especially for me as I have tanks on two levels of my home. Sometimes they melt and stick together, no worries, a little shake of container and they are loose again! 

So far I haven’t had any flaws or issues with this system. But if I find a con, I’ll be sure to add an update! 


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On 2/27/2023 at 3:51 PM, JJenna said:

I never thought of putting them in divided containers like you did, thanks for the tip. 

It is my pleasure. I literally walk into new dollar trees to see what I can find for my aquariums, home and garage. There are some real sneaker must haves lurking in them. I'll have to take some more pictures but I use several of the containers I found there to move, sort and cull fish. I also use a plastic colander and their cheap coffee filters to partially sieve my baby brine before sucking them up and putting them into the silicone mold. Just to name a few but maybe I'll have to start a specific "Dollar Tree Finds/Hack Thread". Last note 😂 If you didn't know the dollars trees, even a few miles apart from another often carry widely different items, that's why I also go to new locations, never know what treasures one has versus another. Okay end of rant! hahaha 

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