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Lots of weight on tiny feet.


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TL;DR: this rack weighs at least 375 lbs. what, if anything, should I do to help spread the weight on the feet of the shelving.

So yesterday, I modified a Walmart wire shelving system to be my aquarium rack:


I put magic sliders under the feet to help distribute the weight.  The outer rings of the sliders popped off.


the shelf system legs are about 1/2 inch diameter.

the shelving weight on the box is 32.19 lbs assembled.  I added 4 1/2 inch plywood shelves over the top of the wire for a flat bottom.


the rack is holding:

4x plywood shelves (4.29 lbs. each, 17.16 lbs total)

1x 3.6 gallon Fluval Betta Premium (10.21 lbs.)

1x 5 gallon Fluval Spec V (13.9 lbs.)

2x 9 gallon Fluval Flex (11.08 lbs each)

2x 8.8 lbs backs of Fluval stratum (17.6 lbs)

2x 9 lbs bags of stone = 18 lbs


= 46.27 lbs in glass

= 221.84 lbs in water

=35.6 lbs in hardscape

= 49.35 lbs in shelving

total weight = 353.86 lbs

the system is rated for 350 lbs per shelf,  1750 lbs. total maximum; I am way under weight.  No concerns there.

What, if anything, should I do to make the weight more evenly distributed for the sake of the floor?

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Besides the plywood along the shelving, you could have put a piece of plywood under the whole thing so the feet can have something sturdy to stand on rather than carpet. Personally, I don’t like the risk with these shelving units, but I do know they do work well for some. I’m just way too paranoid. Good luck. 

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