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Light requirement from a bulb

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I have a 20l planted aquarium with some plants that require low/ medium lighting. Can somebody tell me whether this light bulb meet the requirement for  my tank ? In my room there are also ambient light from other sources but this will be the main lighting source. Other lighting options aren't available because my dorm have strict rules on outlet and electronics so this desk lamp is the best thing that I can get. 



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Hey Tyler! I personally don’t know for sure, however, I have plants growing with several cheap light bars from Amazon without issue. I’ve also seen several videos on diy lights and I can’t recall the light bulb itself being so important that I remember what they said about it. I think the difference may end up being how long certain lights need to be on to achieve the result. Sorry that’s not very specific or helpful 😂 just wanted to share that I am having success with cheap alternatives. On the last note, I do notice an obvious difference with dedicated aquarium plant lights. I just don’t have a need to have show level aquascapes in my breeding set ups. 

Best of luck buddy!! 

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Yeah that'll be fine.  You can adjust the brightness by changing the distance.  For a 5 gallon 800 lumens is plenty but if you want more you can easily get brighter lightbulbs.


Edit: to add to this I have plants and a pothos growing on just a lightbulb in a cheap lamp in my garage tub.  I chose a really bright bulb (1600 lumens) and ended up having to raise it 2 feet above the tank

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