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Lump on Betta Fish?


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Hi all, 

My 1 year old betta fish, Benedict, has been having a couple issues that I started to notice last week. I'm trying to fix the tail ripping/prevent fin rot with almond leaves, but I'm not sure if it's from tearing or fin nipping, since he has long fins. 

The thing that's worrying me more than the ripping is the lump that's formed on his head. I first noticed it when I noticed the tail ripping, but it's grown drastically in size over the past week.

My water perimeters are normal, I do water changes every other week since I have live plants. I do have rocks in the aquarium, so maybe they are tearing his fins, despite not being sharp. 

I'm about to put some aquarium salt in the tank. I don't think the medications I have on hand could help with the lump.

Any help would be great. Thank you!

ben 1.jpg

ben 2.jpg

ben 3.jpg

ben 4.jpg

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Looks like the start of a tumor their really common in Bettas due to inbreeding their not a lot treatment wise I could recommend if he active and eating and doesn't seem to be suffering then I would leave him to enjoy what ever time he has left bettas can live for a number of years with these types of tumors I would just add some Indian almond leaves and monitor @faded.mallard

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I’ve had Benedict in a quarantine tank for the past two days. Specifically, it’s a large Exo Terra Faunarium that’s filled halfway (not sure how many gallons that is but he’s able to swim comfortably). I’ve been dosing the water with aquarium salt and Kanaplex. I’ve also been doing daily water changes since I only have an air pump going for surface agitation. I also have a preset heater in the tank and it’s been at about 77 degrees. 

Benedict has been swimming and eating normally. I feel like the lump has gone down, and there was a white spot on it but it’s gone away. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do or change? 

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