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I have been super busy and I’ll. I’m not sure if I got good news or bad news today. 
Has anyone else’s heard that L-333 will not be imported and more. I just ordered a wild pair and the supplier told me I may be the last one in the US to legally get a wild pair. Any one have any other info. I’m still trying to find a few females?

I have been working with them so we would not have to get more from the wild so I have mixed feelings if it’s true.

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On 2/25/2023 at 11:16 AM, Expectorating_Aubergine said:

Sounds like you're doing a good thing. Goodluck with them 👍 

I hope so. I have had some luck and I think that there are enough in the US for a robust breeding program. I worry more about keeping the two varieties pure. There is a more yellow line variety and a white line. They are the same species just found in two different locations. I hope that breeds can keep the two separate.

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