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What type of crypt is this

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On 2/22/2023 at 2:53 PM, Guppysnail said:

I want more. I think it was tropica but cannot remember. I ordered a bunch of types this one is the only one that really did well from that batch. 388094FC-68D0-41F1-8B97-57FE9455E9CB.jpeg.e4dd097ae4df3bdafb32407971a76913.jpeg0738D476-A995-41C2-83DE-CFC54E9DF9F9.jpeg.ee5f471de53dc7ee771d07c6f460aad2.jpeg76884255-15F5-4A2A-B5E2-0739F89C7CDE.jpeg.f2c9411ea4e3824542207220b262ea93.jpeg

Here is one that came from a friend so just called crypt. I also want more of this one. image.jpg.f1b8231e2ba13324218fa7349d61da11.jpg

Thanks plant nerms !

The first one I think is Tropica and the last photo my guess would be Cryptocoryne Undulata

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