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My new Fluval 3.0 nano light

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Good morning to all. I joined this forum about a week ago, i was looking for help im new to the hobby. My son has a 10 gallon tank in his room with 4 tetras and afew plants. I have a 10g waterbox planted aquarium with no fish yet, 1 assassin snail to get rid of the pest snails. I was using a nicrew 5watt aquarium light. Felt i needed an upgrade light for my plants so i ordered the Fluval 3.0 led nano light. I set it up and wasnt sure how to set the Daylight colors. So im using the plant mode but instead of a 6am to 7 sunrise i set it to 8am to 9 (aquarium is right next to my bed). And night time Blue light from 5% to 10%. I do get alot of brown dusty algae on the rocks hopefully the light can help with that also. If any has any opinions on my Daylight settings or scheduling  at all please feel free to reply. And Thank you all. Have a good day




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2 hours ago, akconklin said:

Running the blue lights is increasing your algae. A bigger light with more blue lights is going to increase it more. I'd avoid the blue lights & narrow the white lights' time to 8 hours or less to minimize the algae. Your plants are going to love the new light though!

Thank you💙

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