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Green Bugs in aquarium

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They look like they could be springtails, I used to get them in my terrariums. They are good tank cleaners eating plant waste (or in my case any mold that developed in the terrarium). Completely harmless. 

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On 2/21/2023 at 7:11 PM, Plantdude said:

the bugs in the picture look like bugs, they are not that long, and have legs spread out, not all in one area.

I may be wrong, but I believe they are attached to the glass we are looking through, so we just see a green dot and some “legs”. Towards the right side of the photo there are some classic hydra shapes. 

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These are hydra. There are many varieties. I keep 3 kinds intentionally. The small green ones have never nabbed any shrimplette in mine. Even new hatched shrimplettes are too big. My big chunky monkey white ones will though. Over feeding and fine floating foods will encourage them. Buy a feeder dish for your shrimp to contain the food. Stop any type of bacter ae or floating foods. They will cyst up and can be siphoned out. 
The green ones are green because they have a symbiotic relationship with algae. The algae gets nutrients from hydra and the hydra gains from nutrients algae byproducts. 

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Agreed with the others that it’s hydra. I’ve used a dog dewormer on them to get rid of them before. I’ve also just left them, fed less fine foods, and with no food to support them they die off. 

Hydra are often found in shrimp tanks where the shrimp will not eat them and you feed lots of fine foods. I agree that a food dish for the shrimp can help prevent fine floating particles which the hydra feed on. 

Overall, they’re part of an ecosystem. I’ve never personally seen them eat any shrimp but I bet ones big enough could eat a baby shrimp. Many ways to get rid of them if you don’t enjoy having them. 

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