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Need some help. Plants dying...I think.


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This looks like a nutrient deficiency. Swords are very, very  heavy root feeders. I have one in my 29g that I surround with 4-5 root tabs every month.  
  Try trimming off the dying leaves close to the bottom of the stem, give it some root tabs and dose your water column with a liquid fertilizer regularly according your nitrate levels and watch to see if the new growth looks normal as it should.

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Hello MarcoS, 

Amazon swords mainly feed from their roots so root tabs will be best for fertilization over liquid for the water column. It does look like it could be a combination of deficiencies so I included 2 images that helped me. To verify which one you can buy additional test beyond the standard strip/API master  (potassium, phosphate etc). When making a correction / adjustment remember to take some time and small adjustments to not over correct or too fast causing a greater issue, best luck.



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