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Why is my aquarium reading 0 Nitrates?


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Hi guys

This is my Uaru tank that was cycled and running for 2 months. I've been routinely testing the water with Aquarium Co-op test stripes and am now finding that the aquarium is reading 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite and 0 Nitrates. Its been about 2 weeks with these 0 readings and the fish are happy and healthy!

How do you think this has happened?





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It's running an internal sump on the right.

It was reading nitrates before and there is no nitrate export other than water changes which I've slowed down because no need. 

I guess it is possible that it's so lightly stocked.

Another thing is the substrate may be growing anaerobic bacteria which eats nitrates apparently? I'm not sure if this is true or not

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Fair enough. I trust Aquarium Coop strips more than API, no proof that API is an accurate measurer of nitrates, they're just what we're used to. I know that Cory and others hobbyists have tested the strips thousands of times and are happy with the results so thats enough for me!

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