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Favorite medium sized plecos


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All recomendations are great! Sunshine is being my fav from all abovementioned ones like @mynameisnobody mentioned.

I wanna add Sultan pleco(L264) to the suggestion list. I think they look amazing, especially with the contrast the white color they have at the end of their fins/tail. I like vampire plecos as well!

As a pleco lover, I would also suggest checking for whiptails. Those oddball guys brought so much character to my new tank. Highly recommended. And you can easily home bigger ones in a 90g! And from my only a few days old experience, they are not shy like plecos, although they move around more during the night time, they still spend lots of time outside not hiding. But @Biotope Biologist mentioned they can be shy especially if they are wildcaught. Good thing to keep in mind. Mine are tank-bred.

I'm not sure if plecos would push them out of the food. Plecos can be a lil pushy. 

Also, I highly recommend this youtube channel if you want lots of pleco info and more. She's great.



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