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Any Gambuzia/Mosquitofish Keepers, what should i know?


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this thread is just me planning a little ahead.

This afternoon i will be going and collecting some stuff from a local lake. I know there are Mosquitofish in this lake, and i might end up with some. So if anyone that keeps them could give me some information on their Temperament and other requirements, i would appreciate it.

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I found that they are very easy to keep. They basically take care of themselves.  Provide a basic habitat with plants and other 'stuff' that you scoop up. Scuds, snails and insects. I do have a small recirculating pump, however I rarely run it and not at all in the winter. When the sun starts to shine on the little 20gal tub. The fish start to get active as the temp rises. I do have small terracotta pots for structure  a potted water lilly and lots of duck weed.  :classic_biggrin:


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