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Anubias loosing leafs


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GhI bought this anubius at a box store because it was big and wanted to add to my cichlid tank. Attached to wood and started out great, produced new leaves and roots growing. Then I came home to 2 leaves floating. Thought maybe fish ripped them off. Then I noticed another leaf that looked loose at base. Looked fibrous at break. None broke off clean all got fibrous before coming off. Now a month later it's down to the last leaf! Even the new growth fell off. Makes me think it's rotting but I'm confused because it started out good growing new leafs and glued on wood with only a tiny spot of glue. I have 7 other Anubias that are doing well. Dose weekly with easy green, a.c.o. light on 75 gallon tank running 7 hours a day. Not sure what other information would be helpful. Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrates 20 ph 7.8 phosphate 0 ghost 150 kh 180 tank around 78'f 

I'm going against the grain, 75 gallon Mbuna tank planted. Valisnaria,water sprite, Java fern, cript wendii red, dwarf lilly, Amazon sword, Java moss, pathos in filter. Been running 6 months. 25 mbuna, 2 peacock cichlids, 8 serpae tetra, 2 red brissel nose, 1 leopard pleco, 5 nerite snails






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