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How Long Do Your Co2 Tanks Last

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Venturing into Co2 for the first time. Trying to determine how long a tank typically last. I plan to run on the low side for about 8 hours a day while lights are on. 

Local supply store didn't have tanks to sell outright so I need to buy one and they can fill. Obviously for cost savings Id like to get a 5lb, but also don't want to be running to exchange tanks all the time.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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10lb which isn't much more than a 5lb. On 1 tank I find it lasts easily like 14+ months between refills. Depends on how much you're injecting. In general outside of my retail store and warehouse, co2 lasts forever it seems. Warehouse it's like 6x 20lb tanks swapped out like every 10 days.

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I had a leak somewhere... it lasted maybe 1-2 weeks.  BE SURE to soap test and check your seals on everything. 

I have had 10lb tanks last about 3-6 months on average.  I just got a backup and will make note on when things are used up.  There's a few factors that go into it, the seals, tubing, your diffuser, and how much you're dosing.

Needless to say, I'd recommend having something you can use as a backup / swap when you do run out of CO2 in the bigger main tank.  I fully expect my tank to last a LOT longer than I am experiencing.

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