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Are my fish going to kill each other


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Hello so I'm fairly new to the aquarium Hobby. Iv only bin in it sens January of this year mostly just have dun guppys shrimp panda Cory's I managed get them all to breed.

Now I'm onto the  African cichlids that I aim to breed for fun. there is 4 yellow labs all about 2" (2 have egg spots 2 don't ) I pretty sure they will need to grow out a bit before breeding size. 6  Demansoni all about 2" (pretty sure 3 males and 3 females )  there all in a 90 gallon with lots of fake plants lots and lots of rocks and caves.

I feed boiled broccoli and spinach aswel as live baby brine and bug bits cichlid formula.

The alfa the Demansoni owns the tank and is about 70% of the time is chasing the other the less dominant Demansoni now have cuts on their fins which looks like it's starting to get infected.

The yellow labs usually are swimming all together with not much aggression. Kevin the comet goldfish got beat up the first day but is okay now

(Ammonia 0 PPM nitrite zero PPM nitrate 5 PPM ph is at 8.4 ) added 220ml of salt and 20ml of pimafix. Starting the next day I changed 10% of the water everyday with salted water and 10ml of pimafix everyday to deal with the infections

.it's bin about 10 days sens adding all the cichlids.

I have a 30 gallon with nothing in it should I move some fish, wait it out ,get more fish, get rid of some fish or some of both.would changing the scape helpAny opinions or helped would be awesome thank you so much


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I am not a cichlid keeper mostly. I only have an angelfish and a couple of rams, but I would put a LOT more stuff in the tank to hide in if the aggression is bad. I might move the beat up fish to the other tank so I could treat them and give them some tlc until they were better, and then try again with a lot more sight line breaks. If you think about how a fish gets chased they zig and zag around behind things. If they can get out of sight that often ends the chase.

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Alright yeah I'll give that try  I don't think I'm gunna be able to get any of the cichlids out with out ripping a part the tank if the become lethargic I will definitely remove them from the tank thank you for the in put 

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