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Longer lift tube for Aquarium Co-Op Sponge filter


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A longer lift tube creates more lift.


For tall/deep aquariums; the use of lift tube extensions can be used to provide a better flow pattern.
The Hydro-Lift can be used with the 1 inch high flow outlets found on the Hydro Sponge Filter. In addition, these lifts work for both air-driven or water-driven applications.

Generally, the use of lift tube extensions can be an advantage for flow patterns, but not always, especially if upper level HOB filters are used. A deep aquarium would be just fine with short lift tube combined with a "hang-on-the-back" power filter providing upper circulation.
However if the sponge filters are your primary source of filtration, I would suggest the use of lift tube extensions for deep aquariums.


Lift Tube Extension for Sponge Filter

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You’ll want to get an accurate measurement of the outside diameter of the existing tube, then shop for tubing that matches. You may find it sold/listed as thin-wall PVC, clear rigid tubing, or others here may have other experience/suggestions. In Canada, our Big Al’s chains sell 3-foot clear rigid tubing sections in various diameters that I have used to replace or create lift tubes in the past.

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